Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Out & About

I thought that as well as covering the baby led weaning at home basics I ought to also witter on about what to do equipment wise when out & about! (by what to do, I mean what I do!)

The table mat I have already mentioned rolls up & can easily be transported!

I haven't got a free flow beaker where you can fold down the spout, although I know such things exist. I just ask for my normal cup to be filled with boiling water when we are out. We have been known to have the evil froggy cup cooling in an ice bucket with our wine! lol

My most recent discovery are sainsbury's disposable bibs. I know these go against my whole cloth nappy, re-useable wipes ethos, but they are very convenient. I use them for when we end up eating out unexpectedly iykwim.

I try and keep on me if we are going out a small tupperware tub with dried fruit & breadsticks in, often also with some chunks of cheese and some cherry tomatoes too (depending on how organised I am). This is my back up in case there is nothing George friendly on a menu! I do manage to do well with ordering from menu's though!

Has anyone got any out & about tips to share?


Mel x


Becoming Mommy said...

For travel, a disposable washcloth pre-loaded with your baby's bathwash.

The other night we went out to run errands and stopped for dinner. No problems finding foods he likes, and ordered spaghetti and a bananas foster (so he could eat the bananas). But after the meal? Blegch! He was wearing a good portion of it. And with his sensitive skin, he needs to be cleaned up quickly. Those little towels did a great job in the bathroom sink and I always keep spare clothes on hand.

Becoming Mommy said...

Just found another:

Bento Boxes

Because they seal nicely and have seperate little trays in them. You can keep the whole box chilled and then just heat up one little bit, rather than the whole box.